Skateboard fiction: Defining a genre

At last I’ve found my niche, and now, it appears, I’m creating a new genre. My niche is skateboarding. My genre is skate fiction. I’d like to say I’m in great company here but it appears I’m completely out on my own. I have read Blake Nelson’s book, Paranoid Park, and whilst I loved it, …

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catching up where I left off

hooray another post! For someone that claims to be a writer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m actually any good at it, judging by the lack of updates on this blog. But that’s not true, I’m simply writing lots elsewhere – namely my main blog here:  What’s been happening?  Well, as stated below, …

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Idea, tools and observations

I’m enjoying reading a good book: How not to Write a Novel I’m enjoying it because, slowly, I’m learning that the most common mistakes in newbie writers work, isn’t the sort of errors that I make. Admitedly, I’m only on Chapter 1(ish) but I see it as a good sign. I recently started to re-read …

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Novel 3: day -1

My brain is still in overload on how to write. I’m still fascinated with the art behind the process, and I’m no closer to understanding why. Today in Costa I hit upon a thought (which I’m rather proud of): To write, is to create a plot which is never spoken about. Imagine a plot line which …

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filling up with ideas

Its been a while again. But that’s ok, things take a while don’t they?  I have been reading loads, from magazines like New Scientist and National Geographic, to newspapers like the Times and Independent, reading good stories like No Country For Old Men and The Road, and buying many books on creative writing. I’ve also …

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Unleashed a creative beast

I appear to be taping in to a good part of me thats been lying dormant for a decade or so. I used to write at work when I had time (which was frequently) .. mostly lyrics for a mythical band I once dreamed of being part of. Those words are still with me, kept …

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xtimeline: research and plots

want a highly visual way of visualising your plot on a timeline, whilst linking to research and attaching inspirational pictures? take a look at I have a feeling this could become a writers dream app.

writing kills blogging

Before writing, I blogged. Like crazy. All the time in fact. I have many many blogs and profiles set up both here on wordpress and else where. But since I started writing, my bloggage has nearly ceased. My own personal blog for example, has been a real struggle to keep up with. I used to …

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Literally reading

Recently I’ve been reading: Teach Yourself Creative Writing & Teach Yourself: Writing a Novel & Stephen King: On Writing & Eats Shoots and Leaves I’ve also been sneaking pages to read from: How I write: The Secret Lives of Authors & Creative Writing: A Workbook with Readings And I’m planning on reading: By Cunning and Craft & Print Is Dead: …

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TV for people that write – worth watching. Bookmark it looks great, so grab yourself a coffee, each episode is an hour long 🙂 [Update: sadly the site isn’t being updated anymore, which sucks, but the 6 episodes are still online to enjoy.]