My Massive Writing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Mistakes I Make When Writing Fast First Drafts

The point I want to make is usually at the end of the sentence because I’m thinking things up as I go. This means a lot of rewriting because the sentence is clunky. I know I shouldn’t leave it like that but I often do. Echoing headwords. Too many sentences start with character names: Ethan…, El Gato…, Dixel… etc. I …

Using Scrivener to create your Author pen name

Not sure if anyone has done this before, but I’ve discovered the Scrivener name generator is brilliant for coming up with Author pen names. Select either gender, Forename initials only, and choose 2 initials from the dropdown. Punch the Generate Names button and skim through the results. Perfect! Mark

Jumping into Quora

Best Quora Answers for Writers

Quora is a writers paradise. Why? Because all the responses to weird and wonderful questions are supplied by people that have the answers. What’s more, the crowd vote up the best ones by the most credible sources. For that reason, you can be sure of a great research experience. For new writers looking to find out about a specific topic …

6 solid examples of Show, Don’t Tell

I recently put together a list of examples for a Show, Don’t Tell topic for my writing group, and thought I’d share them here for my own reference and other people to enjoy: We all know what it is: Telling the reader something, when you could show it instead. I’ve heard this advice a zillion times, but it’s taken a …