Novel 3: day -1

My brain is still in overload on how to write. I’m still fascinated with the art behind the process, and I’m no closer to understanding why. Today in Costa I hit upon a thought (which I’m rather proud of):

To write, is to create a plot which is never spoken about. Imagine a plot line which resembles a colouring book outline, by filling in the colours, we create the scenes, and to colour up to but not on or over the lines. The more accurate the colouring the more obvious the (plot) line will become. 

Write a plot, then write the scenes, remove the plot outline and the plot should still stand up with just the scenes alone. If it does not, then I will know that the scenes were not strong enough in the first place. 

Scenes should be like the walls of a home that come together to create a house shape. Without strong and clear walls, there is no recognisable house. 

I have a plan to write from tomorrow onwards for the next 3 months. To create the plot outline, to ‘see’ the scenes, to write the scenes and to shape the story. My previous books haven’t followed this system, they race along chopping and changing until it reaches an end at the 1 month deadline. The result is a story, but not one that I’m happy with. 

This one will be different. I have no plot yet, I have ideas only. I have a better idea of how to write, and I am determined to spend more time on the process, than just blasting through to the end. 3 months for a novel is short, but its more than enough for me. 

I only hope that I don’t get bored with the story before the deadline!

1 Comment

  1. Good luck. Hope this new start is feeling like it’s on the right track.

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