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Demystifying the creative writing process

I have changed the strap line for to 'Demystifying the creative writing process.' Whoa, hold up there, Mark. Don't you need to be a skilled professional/teacher to become an authority on a craft such as this?  No. You just need to know a little more...

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Logging my learning process

I want to write up a full 'mission' for this site, which involves documenting my working process and the things I intend to systematically repeat for future stories and books. I am learning so much, so quickly, that I fear if I don't write it all down, then I will...

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Story Outline, Structure and Line-edits

Ok, I've just finished my first revision of my story, and the 'revision' consisted of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and any obvious story inconsistencies. Does that equal line-edits? I haven't changed any of the story, so maybe not. So with this complete, I started...

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Editing in cycles

I've recently discovered cycling. Editing in cycles to be precise. Monica Leonelle's book Write Better Faster got me on to this. Which is interesting because out of the whole book about, well, writing faster, the bit I recall the most is about cycling. What is...

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After #nanowrimo: editing in public

(Photo by Nic's events ) I have resisted editing any of my Nanowrimo works. I have only touched one of my drafts and that was only to remove all over-writing and find the story. I ended up with a draft a third of the size. Feeling dejected, I have touched that one...

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I’m 3500 words away from #nanowrimo win!

Yes! After a messy couple of days which were completely dominated by a pet (guinea pig) being diagnosed with cancer, and having to urgently find a new (extremely secondhand) car, I have just about caught up with my word-count. I had only fallen behind by two days, but...

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Using #Nanowrimo for fiction craft good

So I'm nearing the end of my nanowrimo 2015 experience and I'm going to finish this year! However, I'm still well aware of creating a crappy story. The rushed, 1667 words, approach definitely produces 'suck' every time. This is down to my planning being almost...

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Nanowrimo progress: 250k words written

This is going well. Well = cranking out the words, and losing control of my planned story in favour of a brand new plot. Check out my stats so far. I was really surprised to see that I've reached the 250k total words recently. This pushes my nano catalogue up to 5...

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My lack of writing progress

So, despite lots and lots of willing, I'm not writing. Actually I am writing, but I'm writing in pieces and not one continuous thing. Here's a few of my excuses: I don't have time I'm knackered after work I don't have the (writing) space I don't have a good story (and...

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The Not-Writing Group

So I'm thinking about starting another writing group, however, this one will be a not-writing group. An idea which isn't entirely original to me as a couple of friends started up their own not-writing group and then moved to a writing-group once they were writing. The...

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Creative copywriting: Trello

I've noticed a trend of business copy which has a clear creative leaning and I'm wondering if this is a the start of a creative writing trend? Should copywriters start flexing their fiction fingers? I think so. Check out the Trello release notes above for an example,...

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Talking about publishing strategy

I'm taking a break from my writing right now, and I want to talk about (read that as 'speak to someone/anyone') about what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and why. I'm writing for an audience, because I want to find readers first. This audience comes first; not my desire...

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The Anatomy of Silence of the Lambs

Shawn Coyne is a story nerd. For this reason alone you should inspect the above graphic closely, scratch your head a bit, then wander over to his website, sign up, devour everything he's sharing, and warm up your credit card ready to buy the Story Grid book. Click...

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1. Author’s Promise

Every morning I struggle to get up and write, however, now my characters have started to complain. So this is my promise to, Mason and Connor, that I'll show up to tomorrow and crank out their story: ---------- Me: Hey boys, I've gotta stop now. My brain is losing...

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I’m a writer, this is how I write

Day one starts by... Waking up Making the breakfast Feeding hay to the guinea pigs Sitting on the sofa Grabbing the iPad and flicking through some sites Then it's 9am and I've done nothing. Day two starts by... Waking up Making the breakfast Feeding some hay to the...

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What academics think about writers

This is a response to this blog post about a teacher leaving the creative writing MFA programme and spilling their guts about the award. I couldn't wait to read this - needing to fire up my computer to do so - but on doing so, it leaves me cringing and disagreeing...

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Watch Fiction Being Written Below!

(Yes, being an author is as exciting as it appears in the movies!)

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I build websites and publish books. This is my creative outlet as an Author.

Skateboard Fiction: the tropes of a genre

  • The Goal: is always to ride.
  • The Antagonist: is always authority.
  • The Conflict: is the struggle to meet the Goal.
  • The Location: is always different.
  • The Struggle: is always realistic – guns and murders have no place here.

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