Amazon's Algorithm Book Sale Rank and Effect
Amazon’s 30, 60, & 90 day cliff, and the power of 1 sale

Look at the Amazon Rank Graphic.

Is your book lurking at the bottom of the Amazon Charts? Or are you worrying about Amazon’s 30, 60, & 90 day ‘cliff’ drop?

Fear not. My chart graphic shows what happens when a book is left without promotion until it hits the floor (around # 8 million in the charts).

Then suddenly on January 1, you can see a massive 8.2 million rank jump up. What happened? I sold one book. That’s all. One!

Imagine if I sold a book the next day? Maybe I’d reach 100,000 position? Then another sale might get me to 90,000? Who knows? I certainly don’t!!

But what this does give me warm hugs about is this proves Amazon’s Algorithm is designed to pump up a book as soon as one sale hits. For this reason, I don’t really care about Amazon’s 30, 60, & 90 day ‘cliff’ which I’ve heard so much about.

If my book is a good well written (and edited) story, I can promote it at any stage in its life and kick start off the Amazon Algorithm.

Also notice how books do not drop a lot in one day. They drop incrementally day by day because Amazon (like us Authors) wants more sales, and it can’t offer that to customers if it dumps it back to the #8m mark.

Amazon’s business succeeds if customers are given the chance to buy during any stage of a book’s life. So fear not, if your promotion can’t happen until years later. Publish asap (is my advice) and promote when you are able. Amazon clearly doesn’t care whether your book was published today or 2 years ago.

When you’re ready. They are ready.

Mark 🙂


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