Writing in a pandemic

Well, my (writing) world went to shit.

I can’t write in cafés anymore. I could. They’re open, but I don’t want to.

Plus, I’m not ready to edit yet. I’m still drafting my next story. My dictation schedule took a hammering because after I stopped watching non-stop news updates, the sun had come out, and my recording studio (the back seat of my car) would get too hot to function in. Ho-hum.

So, I’m working (working-working, not writing-working) from home and have spent a small fortune updating my home-office accordingly. Which is nice.

I’m 33k into my first draft, which is about a third of the way, maybe a quarter, through the story.

My mojo to write still isn’t 100%. Now I know I’m going to miss the writing schedule for release this year, I’m not caring. The book will be ready when it’s ready. The temperature has already started dropping here in England now we’re nearly into October, so I might be back dictating sooner than I think.

Work is currently really busy, which is great, but it also has the downside of me being too busy to even think about my story until Friday after work. Ho-hum.

I’ll survive.

Other thoughts:

I so want to start a podcast, but haven’t for a few simple reasons. Podcasting is a boat-load of effort, and a huge time-suck. And it’s not a route I want to go down on my own. I’d happily do it with another writer, but finding one I click with is difficult. If I start one, I want success from it. Success being either massive amounts of fun, and/or fun and listeners. I’ll take either, or the latter, but preferably both.

I’m also dying to start Youtubing with how-to videos. There’s a lot I can deliver: New writer highs and lows; publishing with a web developer perspective; screen-casting great processes, services, time-saving techniques, and technologies which I think writers should try out. The problem: Youtube channels succeed off the back of the hosts personalities. I have one. But it’s going to take more time to hone online than I’m willing to give it before succeeding. I also have a face for radio 😉 That’s not true, but it’s a shallow world out there and the Youtube bar is set rather high for newbies.

Sales update:

Book sales are doing well. Well = below average for most indie authors, but I don’t care. I’m considering going wide with my ebooks. I’d like to do that with Print, but can’t afford enough ISBNs yet (I need 100 at least). Also, if I’m going wide, I really want new book covers. I’ve done well with self-produced ones, but am not happy with them. I need to source a great illustrator and get some done properly.

Another solution is I going and replicate my covers with my own photography. That, is possible. I should do that.

Update done.

Hopefully, my next update will be when I’ve finished draft 1 of my new book.

Mark 🙂


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