1. Author’s Promise

Every morning I struggle to get up and write, however, now my characters have started to complain. So this is my promise to, Mason and Connor, that I’ll show up to tomorrow and crank out their story: ———- Me: Hey boys, I’ve gotta stop now. My brain is losing focus here and I know I’m …

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Writing Fiction: for Accountants

I’m going to paraphrase Shawn Coyne’s Storygrid chapter, The Math because I want to drill this into my head! The average novel is 80-100k words. The average beginning is 25% of the book (25k) The average middle is 50% (50k) The average end is 25% (25k) Each beginning, middle and end needs to hit 5 key points in …

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No-one under 35 uses Hanx Writer

  Hanx Writer is currently dominating the iTunes store for writers. With 782 reviews to date, it’s hard to tell whether this really is an app doing something incredible, or whether people just love Tom Hanks. Me: people just love Tom Hanks. The app? I love it. It has changed my writing experience (only because …

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Procrastination – stop it

Interesting reading! I know a few people (myself included) who think they are planning, when actually they are worrying. The end result is they are fearful of starting because they see nothing but hurdles. Procrastination is the word for it. This infographic gives a few tips on identifying and dealing with the ‘P’ word.

Urban OS

smart cities with Urban OS Great story from the ‘Brave New World’ / ‘1984’ ideology – love it.

Idea, tools and observations

I’m enjoying reading a good book: How not to Write a Novel I’m enjoying it because, slowly, I’m learning that the most common mistakes in newbie writers work, isn’t the sort of errors that I make. Admitedly, I’m only on Chapter 1(ish) but I see it as a good sign. I recently started to re-read …

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filling up with ideas

Its been a while again. But that’s ok, things take a while don’t they?  I have been reading loads, from magazines like New Scientist and National Geographic, to newspapers like the Times and Independent, reading good stories like No Country For Old Men and The Road, and buying many books on creative writing. I’ve also …

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