1. Author’s Promise

Every morning I struggle to get up and write, however, now my characters have started to complain. So this is my promise to, Mason and Connor, that I’ll show up to tomorrow and crank out their story:


Me: Hey boys, I’ve gotta stop now. My brain is losing focus here and I know I’m not going to get much more writing done this morning.

Mason: What? No, you were just getting going. When are you coming back to write again?

Me: tomorrow, 7am.

Connor: you always say that but you never do.

Me: I know I’m sorry. But writing is hard.

Mason: no it isn’t. You’re good at it and when you write quickly.

Me: I mean, it’s hard to get to the writing point each time. I’m setting my alarm clock every day at 6.40am.

Connor: so why don’t you sit and write then? You gotta promise to us you’ll be back tomorrow. We miss you. It’s lonely without you.

Mason: yeah, we’re just kicking about here, waiting for you to show up, and you never do. Or you just sit there on the sofa looking at Facebook. I’d smash that iPad if I could.

Me: I’m sorry! Ok? Look I promise. I’ll be back here tomorrow and pick up with you boys. This is my adventure too, I wanna see what happens, so I’ll promise to come back tomorrow at 7am and keep going.

Mason: No matter what? You’ll come back?

Me: For sure.

Connor: nothing is going to get in the way?

Me: nothing. See you tomorrow.

Mason: Ok, cool. You better!


Come back tomorrow to read another encounter with my characters and my story progress.

– Mark


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