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Video: How to muscle a big brand in on your fiction

Whilst being an inspiring video about the local skateboarding scene, this also introduces the notion of brand promotion. In a word: Levi's. It's also worth noting that Nike have also cracked the scene and the only way they did it was by trying time and time again to...

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Figuring out my characters

For my skateboard fiction series, I'm busy figuring out all the details which includes my characters. So far, this is what I've come up with: Char. 1: Stu. He loves the shit town and the crappy scene he's surrounded by. Afraid of change and challenges. Feels...

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The dumb writer needs to catch up

So after yesterday's Mathematical breakdown my head has been spinning. I tried to talk to my partner about the numbers; what is known by the Publisher and Editor but rarely by the Writer, and she hated it. The thought was: books are Art not Products and referring to...

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Writing Fiction: for Accountants

I'm going to paraphrase Shawn Coyne's Storygrid chapter, The Math because I want to drill this into my head! The average novel is 80-100k words. The average beginning is 25% of the book (25k) The average middle is 50% (50k) The average end is 25% (25k) Each beginning,...

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Writers platform: Blogger or Medium?

Do you know your writers spaces? You have a lot of choices: Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, GitHub, Wattpad etc. Where would you go to place your words online? I've just answered this question on Quora: What's the difference between Blogger and Medium? Essentially...

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What if I wrote a new story?

Today I played with the 'what if' formula. Just starting a sentence with 'what if...' and seeing where it takes me. Story is a skill which can be learnt I believe, so practice makes perfect! Even if these ideas never get written the rehearsal is worth it. Here's my...

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Books for Skaters who don’t read.

I've just found a great thread about books for lazy skateboarders on JenkemMag and couldn't help to add a comment myself. I recommended FaLiL and If I Fall, If I Die but tbh, neither of them are focusing on 'skating' in anyway - or any of the books on the Jenkem list....

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The simplest way to plan a novel

This is either a stupid idea, or a good one; I'm not sure. Either way, I really wanted to 'see' a story on a piece of paper; in its entirety. I'm a visual learner, and I know about using post-it notes, or cue-cards to plan out a story to a three art structure, but I...

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Writer Skateboarder Scott Hobbs Bourne

Scott moved to France, isolated himself, wrote on an old typewriter with two fingers until his novel was done. Then he 'came to' and moved to Paris. What's more amazing than this? Scott was a professional skateboarder and lived in a room with no windows - he couldn't...

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Skateboard fiction: Defining a genre

At last I've found my niche, and now, it appears, I'm creating a new genre. My niche is skateboarding. My genre is skate fiction. I'd like to say I'm in great company here but it appears I'm completely out on my own. I have read Blake Nelson's book, Paranoid Park, and...

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Creating a Killer Story

Here we go: one simple graphic which will help you understand what a story looks like. I love this and it has inspired me to plot out a brand new story yesterday. It has also helped me figure out my own Story Fan (capitalised for a good reason, which I'll talk about...

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The Death of the Big Writing Announcement

The other day I did something I have never done before. I announced to the world my big writing project before I had even started it. This is rare for me as I never do this. I always start first, get momentum, then tell people about it, if it starts to take off. I...

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Revising the first draft

Just a quick link drop here as I'm out in a coffee shop in Birmingham (holiday fun!). I've just spotted a great link on writers digest about what to look out for on the subsequent sweeps of a novel post first-draft. The first is to identify the conflict points and...

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No-one under 35 uses Hanx Writer

  Hanx Writer is currently dominating the iTunes store for writers. With 782 reviews to date, it's hard to tell whether this really is an app doing something incredible, or whether people just love Tom Hanks. Me: people just love Tom Hanks. The app? I love it. It...

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Inkvite collaborative writing app

Just stumbled across  a new little app this morning after doing a random search. If you are into writing short-form fiction, with a friend, partner, or lover then you might want to give Inkvite a blast . It looks really well designed and thought out. They list some of...

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Get inspired for your characters

Get secret(ly) inspired for your character/scenes and settings by utilising You can either download the app or just read the 'secrets' straight off their website. It won' t be long before you are buzzing with another scene idea and have to rush and write it...

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Hemingway App

I am so close to buying this Hemingway App - I don't even need it and I want it! Ahhhhhh! It's driving me bonkers. It looks amazing, but, I have enough. My problem isn't apps, it's writing (procrastinating/finding time) Even though it's only $5 (which is £3 or...

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Procrastination – stop it

Interesting reading! I know a few people (myself included) who think they are planning, when actually they are worrying. The end result is they are fearful of starting because they see nothing but hurdles. Procrastination is the word for it. This infographic gives a...

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The best writing apps ever…

I am an app-hunting monster when it comes to finding tools for writers. I have this stupid notion in my head that the perfect app will make writing easier - and it does, if only I got down to writing more than procrastinating! Anyway, at least I've wasted all the time...

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Bukowski nails the creative space

Bukowski nails it in this great cartoon created by zen pencils. Creativity doesn't need pushing - it pushes you. Not being pushed? Don't fight it. Either get inspired or get out of the way. ^Mark  

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Nothing much happening?

You'd be wrong! I don't have much chance to update things here, but I am all over the book of Face. So head on over to Facebook (or click the link on the right --> ) and see what beautiful things I've been sharing lately. Thanks - Mark 🙂

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How To Self-Publish A Bestseller: Publishing 3.0

    Fantastic article read this morning on Techcrunch. Here's two sections I love from it: Every entrepreneur should self-publish a book, because self-publishing is the new business card. If you want to stand out in a world of content, you need to underline...

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Watch Fiction Being Written Below!

(Yes, being an author is as exciting as it appears in the movies!)

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Skateboard Fiction: the tropes of a genre

  • The Goal: is always to ride.
  • The Antagonist: is always authority.
  • The Conflict: is the struggle to meet the Goal.
  • The Location: is always different.
  • The Struggle: is always realistic – guns and murders have no place here.

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