Nanowrimo progress for 2016

Nanowrimo progress: 250k words written

This is going well. Well = cranking out the words, and losing control of my planned story in favour of a brand new plot. Check out my stats so far. I was really surprised to see that I’ve reached the 250k total words recently. This pushes my nano catalogue up to 5 stories, however, none of them are published, or …

My lack of writing progress

So, despite lots and lots of willing, I’m not writing. Actually I am writing, but I’m writing in pieces and not one continuous thing. Here’s a few of my excuses: I don’t have time I’m knackered after work I don’t have the (writing) space I don’t have a good story (and out of the stories I do have, I’m not …

storyshop app guys

StoryShop App: is this everything writers have been waiting for?

So the StoryShop app launched on Kickstarter the other day and it’s already nearly halfway funded (at this time of writing). I’ve dumped $50 on it – the 8 month deal – because I want the app produced. I also want lifetime access but can’t justify a $300 purchase on something which I’m not sure if I will use yet. …

Creative Copywriting with Trello

Creative copywriting: Trello

I’ve noticed a trend of business copy which has a clear creative leaning and I’m wondering if this is a the start of a creative writing trend? Should copywriters start flexing their fiction fingers? I think so. Check out the Trello release notes above for an example, then go and thank @steveplustrello and ask for more!