The Christmas Book Buying Public for Self Published Authors

This Post is just a reminder for Christmas next year at how powerful the Nov/Dec month is.

For me, sales didn’t really register for the first few days of Dec, but that’s probably a delay in Amazon’s reporting. This tells me that I need to get everything done and published by November 2020 at the latest, then get those Ads running.

I don’t think staggering book launches (rapid release style) for Christmas will have any impact because the Xmas traffic is so high anyway. Rapid release would probably work in the run up to Dec (Sept, Oct, November launches).

Reminder: whatever sales I get in November, I should expect things to double in December! 

Look at the Charts! Wooo!

  • The first (top & featured) image, is my Book Report data for December showing the spike in sales.
  • The second screenshot (below) is my KDP Ads for the USA. Impressions were double compared to November.
  • The final (bottom) image is my KDP Reports dashboard for Dec which shows the frequency and spread over books (most being, Book 1: The Blocks).

Note that pretty much all sales were in Print. I had a few eBooks, and hardly any Page Reads. As a results of this data, I’ve now pulled all my books out of Kindle Select, ready to release them ‘wide’ from 23rd February.

Despite all books being available in both formats from day 1, my market buys paperbacks! KENP data shows that no-one cares much for reading digitally, and therefore, there’s no real benefit to being in Select.

Hooray for that!  I never liked the idea of being trapped in Amazon’s ecosystem anyway. I’m really looking forward to getting all books out there on Kobo (direct), Google Play Books, and Apple Books as well.



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