write out of my head

I have to admit. I’m struggling now. I feel like I’ve created a monster… a really disjointed, choppy, bitty monster, that needs loads of love and attention to understand, figure out and make sense of. And I’m not looking forward to it. I’m trying. But I’m in trouble. Friday night was cool tho. I’ll explain.

On Fri night, I sat and told a friend what I’d done (written a book in a month)… and she was blown away. During the course of the conversation, I told her the entire plot and ending… I figured It would probably never see the light of day anyway, so what the hell, why bother being all secretive of it??

Sooo…. I ramble on, and when I reach the end. Her eyes lit up and she said ‘wow’.

Wow bad, I’m thinking… but noooo… wow good 😀 And thats the first ever response I’ve ever had about my idea, because I’ve not told the plot to anyone before. She continued to explain her thoughts..

  1. The complexity, is regarding the multiple directions of thought, and the different connections between characters.
  2. The Levels, pertaining to the underlying messages throughout the story. Several of which referred to myself.
  3. The concept (plot), which is the only one I was aware of. And always gets a good reception, due to its shockingly simple approach.

She gave me good advice about, sending the manuscript to a publisher with a synopsis and seeing what the feedback is. Also I didn’t know about people that can help me write it properly… I confess that I’m neither a great reader or a great writer… but that shouldn’t stand in the way of a good idea right?

Ahhh… so that was nice feedback. But one other thing I discovered. I’d heard about this, but not tried it until that evening. And that’s to read aloud the story/plot/script/doc… and that will make it easier to figure out what flows and makes sense etc. Now I know this works for me… I plan to be less precious and to tell many more ears that are happy to listen. Firstly, its a great story… just like if you were told a cool story by a mate who’d come back off a holiday etc, and secondly its good to get their input and finally, its’ repitition is easier to get the story straight in my head.

Just an observation – mark


  1. Just a quick bit of advice, that works, try putting the work away for a couple of weeks, or a month. Don’t look and/or think about it, then check it out with new fresh eyes, you’ll be suprised. And yes, do read it aloud to see if it flows. Do be careful who you show it to, friends and family will rarely give you an honest critique. Look for a good writers group in your area, try a local library for this, and please, keep on writing. Never stop and never give up, we all have a story in us just clawing to get out.
    Peace to you,

  2. yes I agree, tho atm.. I don’t need fresh eyes, I can see alllll the mistakes very clearly! But yes, for the second draft, I will use that technique! thank you. I will be on the search for a decent literary group as well. Thanks for the inspiring words, I need every one of them 🙂

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