What if I wrote a new story?

Today I played with the ‘what if’ formula. Just starting a sentence with ‘what if…’ and seeing where it takes me. Story is a skill which can be learnt I believe, so practice makes perfect! Even if these ideas never get written the rehearsal is worth it. Here’s my first three efforts:

1. New Park

What if the new (skate)park was being built on a huge shipwreck just off the coast after a storm which had ruined the old skatepark?

2. Sk8shop

What if the only shop was part of a toy shop, was taken over, planned for closure, then bought out at the last minute by a wealthy anonymous person? It is discovered that they plan to build a large beauty salon in its spot, however, the local kids – by way of persuading the owners daughter – convince the owner to skateboards in the salon?

3. Pool

What if a hated neighbour hands over the keys to their house in order to allow a pool-cleaner to do their job whilst away. The local boys discover a full-sized skateable pool in the garden. They also run into the pool cleaners and find they are also skaters, on a mission to find more hidden garden pools. The boys are in awe of these visitors, but become threatened after realising they are also thieving from the houses. Once the boys realise a party is going ahead and some shady characters are going to be there, they act to trap the riders. The boys are seen by the police in the company of these idiots, and reluctantly agree to stash stolen goods from the house. Once the group are caught and arrested, the boys contact the neighbour and give up their horde. The owner is relieved, thanks them and lets them skate the pool as much as they want.

Ok, so there’s three quick ideas, and I really started getting in to the last one there (even though the copy is badly written – but it doesn’t matter because this is all about the ideas).

I think if I keep thrashing around more ideas like this I’ll have a whole pot of them to choose from when I’m ready to write.

That’s it for now; another podcast tomorrow if it isn’t raining!


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