What Do You Care About?

It’s important to care, and reflect on what you care about – if you do not do it often.

When you care, you act; you cannot stand for injustices against that thing you care about.

Caring about people is easy. Forget that. Care about something, and with that care you can align your entire purpose and future.

I love digital: print, publishing, books, writing, authors, communities and revenue streams. But I do not care. 

I care about people being heard: publishing, blogging, starting projects, saving money, finding friends, helping themselves and feeling better in the process. I care about ideas and stories getting out into the world.

I care that my granddad who died without his amazing stories being documented for all to hear and enjoy.

This website may be about digital authors but at its heart I want more people to be heard – and I’m going to try and make it happen (somehow) here.


About the photo:

This is me relaxing in Café Nero one weekend – I’m in my favourite fatface jumper (yes, that is important you know it!).


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