Video: How to muscle a big brand in on your fiction

Whilst being an inspiring video about the local skateboarding scene, this also introduces the notion of brand promotion. In a word: Levi’s.

It’s also worth noting that Nike have also cracked the scene and the only way they did it was by trying time and time again to earn the respect of skateboarders. Levi’s had a relatively easy job in comparison. Skateboarders seem happy to have the attention, the investment, and the association. The average age of a skateboarder is twenty-two, but the average life-span of one is only four years. This means skateboarders have short memories of the failings of big companies muscling in on their turf.

This is inspiring for my own story. I’ve wanted to tie in a big theme for a long time, but suppressed it, because I didn’t want to detract from the fun of skateboarding. However, this video has made me rethink. Skateboarders are good role models, because they are young, healthy, happy, and doing amazing things on their board with very little equipment. Companies want their products to be associated with people who are young, healthy and happy.

Once Nike noticed that skateboarders wreck their shoes on purpose and don’t care; no-wonder Nike worked so hard to crack the sport.

Once Levi’s noticed that skateboarders wreck their Jeans and don’t care; no-wonder Levi’s wanted some of the action. Don’t believe me? Here’s another sample of Levi’s throwing marketing budget into the scene:

What next? Skateboarders are healthy, are they going to be sponsored by Holland & Barrat? Or by a big Pharmaceutical brand? Guess what I’m going to writing into my story?! Haha.

Either way, the video is a sweet view of young life in Oakland, California, and I’ve found it inspiring to watch.



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