the write motivation?

motivation to write, comes and goes. Why do we attempt to write when we’re in the moment and focused and motivated? Surely that’s the easy bit? Wouldn’t it be better to try and train ourselves to write, when we’re unmotivated?

I know that with motivation I can do so much. But when it dies on me, I’m screwed. I never train myself to ignite the passion for something once the time has passed, maybe I should?

I’m trying to not write atm. I’m incredibly motivated right now. But I know it’ll die out, it’ll level and calm and eventually I’ll be back in ‘normality’ once again. That’s when I want to start writing. I want to hold back on chasing all those inspirational ideas going through my head. Its not the right time atm, I need to read more, research more, and start at a time when i’m ready, not when my head thinks I’m ready.

This is important. I don’t want to write furiously whilst I’m inspired, I want to get past that and get inspired by the story, the plot in my head. Cause when people eventually get to read what I write, they aren’t going to be ‘inspired’ or in the same mental place as I am right now. They are going to be in a normal place like I should be when writing it.

I wonder if people actually consider their mental state of their readers before launching explosively into their manuscript.

It appears, I need to.

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