The Anatomy of Silence of the Lambs

Shawn Coyne is a story nerd.

For this reason alone you should inspect the above graphic closely, scratch your head a bit, then wander over to his website, sign up, devour everything he’s sharing, and warm up your credit card ready to buy the Story Grid book.

Click here to download the full graphic of the above graph

Coyne is a super-editor: able to dissect a story, identify what works and fails, and advise accordingly. So what? You may be thinking.

The difference between Coyne and every other editor on the planet is he is willing to share his knowledge. No other editor (that I know of) is doing this. Others might have similar skills, but they aren’t sharing it like he is.

I believe that this book will be a writers essential purchase.

You heard it here first (or second) – but you definitely didn’t hear it here last!

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