Self publishing: The Amanda Hocking Model

Digital publishing is not Publishing…
… with the word ‘digital’ tacked on the front of it.

How amazing is @amanda_hocking? She’s the Justin Bieber of the Self Publishing world. Haven’t heard of her? Then listen to this Radio 4 interview (20 mins in):

Or, if you can’t hear it, read about her here: ‘Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online

The sad thing is, will her approach be known as the Hocking Model?

  1. Love Writing
  2. Write (a lot) & be amazing
  3. Become desperate
  4. Research what sells in your Market / Genre
  5. Write more
  6. E-publish (Cheap 99p) on Smashwords (then Amazon)
  7. Promote (a lot)
  8. Fuel Market / Grow Audience with more Books
  9. Raise book prices in proportion to sales / demand (£2)
  10. Choose which Book Publisher you want to sign to

I want to mention one thing which is pivotal to Amanda’s success: she writes fast and has an arsenal of titles behind her before she started publishing. Why should writers take note? Because word spreads fast on the Internet, audiences are fickle and buyers (your Market) are impatient. Amanda writes very fast. Most of us cannot. Therefore, if your work is as good as you think it is, and people take to it, you should plan to capitalise on that momentum immediately after a reader has finished reading your work.

This means, you need to queue up your next (and new) titles ready for purchase. At the end of one digital book, should be a link to immediately buy the next, or a link to be notified when the next becomes available.

New digital writers need to understand that Momentum is critical to their success; letting it wane, could be your downfall.

Digital publishing is not Publishing with the word ‘digital’ tacked on the front of it.


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