Revising the first draft

Just a quick link drop here as I’m out in a coffee shop in Birmingham (holiday fun!). I’ve just spotted a great link on writers digest about what to look out for on the subsequent sweeps of a novel post first-draft.

The first is to identify the conflict points and make sure that every character wants something.

The second is to pay close attention to scene changes. Maybe you have jumped quickly from one scene to the next and whilst sometimes the scene requires this if its action-based, whereas maybe the scene needs to be slower and more poignant. The following link describes a character coming out of a sleep; this clearly needs a smooth transition. Adding one poetic line can assist in evoking that feeling.

The final thing on the link below is searching for the word ‘was’. They explain how the word can be used in haste, and on the re-read perhaps the sentence can re-written to exclude it? Take a look at your writing and see if you can find any.

Here’s the link: 3 tips for better revision

I think this is a good clear simple list. I am yet to reach the revision stage with my texts so I’m banking this list here now and will return to it.

If you have anything to add, which may help others, please let me know.

If you comment, I’ll keep blogging 🙂



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