More thoughts about Maslow and Character development


  1. I love the brainstormer app.
  2. I love the cloud maker tool.
  3. I love lists.
  4. I love figuring out systems which can help writers create great characters.
  5. I love Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs for understanding how people function.

Can I bring them all together to build something writers can use?

I’m going to try and find a way to do it – first for me and my writing, and also to help others with theirs. First I want to create lists of every element from Maslow’s HoN and figure out how to use them. I’ll explain more later.

Here’s the list:

  1. Physiological needs
  2. Safety needs
  3. Love and belonging
  4. Esteem
  5. Self-actualization

Here’s a page with a full breakdown of character traits.

I want to build a way of randomly picking out these traits so I can assign them to a particular character I’m developing. How to do that? I don’t know yet; however, there’s a lot of great free tools out there, so something should be possible!

Be back soon with more ideas and good stuff.


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