Maslow and Me


In my quest to find visuals that will help me write better stories, I have stumbled upon the pyramid from Maslow. What has this got to

do with writing you ask? Knowing about this pyramid, means I can think about the strengths, weaknesses and character traits of all my charactors. I can also think about what sort of story I can write based on each of the 5 levels. For example, the first level deals with essential needs, because of this it lends itself to apocolyptic stories, alien worlds, or those from thousands of years ago, when our needs were so basic.

I’ve written appropriate story themes to go along with each level Maslow presented, and its already started giving me clarity and ideas. The next stage I want to complete, is to imagine what different characters would be like with only specific elements of the pyramid, and maybe what a character will be if they have everything except one important element. The Hiearchy has such depth to it, I see infinite combinations of uses right now and I can’t wait to get stuck and use it fully to my advantage.

I’ll get back to you with how I’m doing with it – but I urge any newbie writers to check it out.


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