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I have a special announcement to make! 

After listening to someones podcast about a writer live streaming their writing on Twitch, I have joined the club! Albeit, not on Twitch, and not live. 

I’ll explain: I’m on Youtube here and I upload the video after I’m done.

This will be continuing for the entirety of writing book 4 of my series.

I love it so much, I doubt I will ever stop doing it.

As I said on my instagram… 

No-one is going to be interested in this apart from me, my mum, and my future stalker, however I absolutely love this idea and will be doing it permanently from now on. The benefits are: I feel like I’m being watched whilst recording so I’m less likely to dick around procrastinating, also, I want to build an archive of how exactly I’ve written a story just in case I ever want to refer back to it or I become popular enough that someone does genuinely care how a story of mine is written (unlikely, but hey ho!). In this video I’m at the outlining stage and will be working on this up to Christmas where I’ll either start writing immediately or move on to the outline of Book 5.

Exciting (maybe) – Mark 🙂