Journal: Student in the house!

I’ve just made a new blog category: Journal. Why? Because I need to start one. Yes I know a blog is supposed to be a journal of sorts, but this directly connected to my Uni writing – so it’s separate.


Journal entry 1: Hello, I’m a student: at 39 years old.

This means, I’m working and working on being a writer. It is difficult, but doable and I urge anyone that is also considering it to jump in. You won’t die of panic and starvation, you may have to adjust your priorities and juggle more things into the day and possibly dump the TV watching, but as I said, you will survive.

Next. The journal bit.

The other day in class we were asked about our writing intentions, I listed mine as:

  • I’m not here for the grade. I want to see how good I can get.
  • From last years work I have discovered young adult fiction and will be exploring that further.
  • Publishing is now on the horizon.

Not much depth there, so I thought I’d explain these a bit further.

I am not looking to be employee or earn money from my writing. This is what I said last year (I’m in the second year), but my mind is changing on this topic. I have always had the goal of being read, and producing quality writing that people want to read, but making money hasn’t been the mindset. This is partly because I have other money making skills and partly because I’m a creative that struggles to believe his art could make money. This is also changing.

This second year (since I finished the first year back in May 2012) has made me look to the future and seriously consider what I could do for money. I could write articles, frequently submit shorts to magazines, seek out some credible websites send stuff. And finally, obviously, start sending to publishers. However, I’d rather fancy my chances of bundling up my works and slapping them on a PDF for people to download and read via my website.

As a money making venture I would like to consider, giving my writing away for free, initially and selling workshops on Private Writing. There is a very large gap now between people being able to jump on a Uni course due to the £9k fees being demanded.


Enough for now… more later 🙂


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