Getting back to writing..

This is new – writing, I mean – I’m back at Uni and attempting to write again. I stopped all summer and I’m starting off with a genre I’m not at all used to: writing for young people.

I’ve had ideas for 500 word starter:

  • A kid finds a bunch of keys and explores the locks they fit – or not. Age group: 8-11 (ish)
  • A brother and sister gets left a sweet shop in their Grandads’ Will, which is a front for a money laundering scheme: (11+)

…. and that’s about it. I’m finding it hard not just because I’ve never considered this age group before, but because I’m so far away from the age group I’m writing for. I’ll keep going and see where it leads.

The next thing I want to mention is my main writing module and a story about Shinjuku in Tokyo. I have to write a couple of pages for next week and apart from thinking about it and making some notes, I’m nibbling my nails at the thought of what to write. Obviously I want to be better than last year and I definitely want to impress others, but I’m stalling. Again, this is because I haven’t written all summer. I need to get back in to the swing of things and start free writing like I used to.

I have a lecture, this afternoon – Ancient Rhetorical Terms And Their Usage Today. Sounds interesting!



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