Full time creative writing

After 2 weeks of being a creative writing student I have learnt the following things:

  1. I don’t re-read my work out loud and should
  2. I really should have applied for an MA instead of a BA.
  3. The course is not designed for mature students that work as well.
  4. The Uni isn’t ‘tech savvy’ despite what it thinks.
  5. The students are all great and I’m enjoying their company.
  6. I have a lot to do.
  7. My grammar sucks… and I need to sort it out.
  8. I need to read more. A lot more.
  9. Uni organisation is terrible. Academia is like a Quango.
  10. My first piece of writing submitted has been a good experience.
  11. I want to create a digital academics workshop for lecturers and students alike.
  12. My digital self publishing workshop now has an audience.

Oh, that’ll do. I feel like I’m moaning already. However for those that are unaware. I have signed up to a full time 3 year writing degree… and it’s at a very difficult time. I’m not fully employed (self employed consultancy… with not a lot of work around), I have to move home shortly with my partner (really hard trying to find a place as a couple, without a proper job and being students).

So, that aside. My experience as a full time student has been great. I live 3 miles away and cycle in whenever I need to. I love the courses I have, Creative Writing (lectures, seminars, workshops & plenary), Exploration In Prose Fiction (lectures & seminars), Introduction to Media (slightly left-field module lectures, seminars to match my external work) and a rather dodgy module selection of Reading to Write Poetry (I might end up liking it eventually).

This course is giving me a chance to really blast test my Kindle, so far I’ve been emailing everything to it. At the moment I’ve read Clockwork Orange and have loved it. My first book ever, reading with a critical eye. I have made over 80 notes and highlights on the device. It’s not so easy to fan through the pages, like I would a book, but it’s a good start. I’m now reading ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ by Laurence Sterne. An 18th Century novel which… I have to admit has not gripped me at all in the opening pages. It’s a real struggle to get into. Last night I started drifting off to sleep after 2 pages! I have no-idea what the objective of reading this title, I might have to email the tutor to explain it a little more.

I’ve sat here too long. Gotta go get food and read! More later, sorry.


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