CrowdMed Patient Diagnosis


Does your character need a medical history? or a particular illness? Maybe you want the credibility of House MD when writing about a health issue and treatment? Well now you can with CrowdMed.

Take a look at this case study below – amazing resource for writers!



Age: 16

Ethnic Background: Caucasian/White

Symptoms began: 
8 years ago

headaches, vertigo, pressure in ears, pressure in sinus, nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, all over pain, trouble breathing, rib pain, chest pain, muscle spasms/cramps in her feet

Personal Medical History: 
orthopedic surgery, tonsils and adenoids removed, tubes in both ears. all before age 6.

Family Medical History: 
migraines – maternal grandmother & aunt

Diagnostic or imaging test abnormalities: 
mri, ct scans, xrays… all inconclusive or normal
elisha lyme serology – negative
western blot – indeterminate & positive

Current medications: 

  • doxycycline, 100mg, twice a day

Personal lifestyle: 
busy, normal active kid. has a jr. black belt in taekwondo, participated in musical theatre, played tenor saxophone…

Personal struggle: 
She is essentially bedridden. Everyday is a struggle of varying degrees to sit up, to attempt school work, to breath…

Excluded diagnoses: 

  • allergy induced asthma
  • benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood
  • anxiety

Secondary or partial diagnoses: 

  • allergy induced asthma
  • benign paroxysal vertigo of childhood
  • it’s all in her head

Other Notes: 
Oddly enough she’s a pretty happy 16 year old. Her quick wit and sense of humour are intact! She is anxious to a degree but she does not suffer from anxiety. No matter what any doctor who only spends 5 minutes with her has to say. She has been dealing with this for 8 years, it is NOT her imagination.


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