By the power of #nanowrimo – I am done! #nanowinner2015

Hippity-hoo-ray. I’m done with nano15!

I’d like to thank:

  • my wonderful girlfriend for not nagging me
  • my pet guinea-pig for not dying on me
  • my new car I found just before the old one died
  • all my clients for paying me just enough to not be too stressed
  • my early nights
  • my early mornings
  • coffee
  • cafes
  • the odd dark chocolate hobnob
  • the power of cut’n’paste
  • The entire musical catalogue of Sigur Ros … and last but not least…
  • weekends.

Without these people, my life would be meaningless, and nanowrimo 2015 would definitely not have happened.

I shall now rest (for 24 hours) and start revising the hell outta this thing.

adios – Mark


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