Yesss! nanowrimo 2010

So it looms, and I’m getting ready for it. I’ve booked the middle of November off and am planning a gettaway to some funky location to write my ass off and meet loads of new people too. Brighton may be on the cards.

My story is bubbling in my mind and I’m infecting people around me with tales of previous years and books i’m reading to get inspired. My current book of choice of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’ve never read it and know I should have. Also I’ve read Post Office by Charles Bubowski – and I think I will be reading more of his.

I’m really feeling the gritty americana 80s feel for my story and need all the ammunition I can find.

I’ve also got one of my mates hooked, not on nanowrimo, but on developing a story that he’s got in his head. He is seeking out the nano approach atm, and my well join me on the journey. Fingers crossed. More news as it starts hotting up


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