writing kills blogging

Before writing, I blogged. Like crazy. All the time in fact. I have many many blogs and profiles set up both here on wordpress and else where. But since I started writing, my bloggage has nearly ceased. My own personal blog for example, has been a real struggle to keep up with. I used to write down all the crazy thoughts in my head there, but now all my crazy thoughts fall into my book instead. Whilst this isn’t surprising, what is surprising, is that blogging was a substitute for proper story telling. i had no-idea, and now it all makes sense.

I was asked recently how my book was coming along: it wasn’t. Things have halted whilst I desperately get educated. I’ve mentioned this many times below, and I’m mentioning it again here, because I want to post what I’m doing and what I’m thinking. This post reflects that continued thought. Sorry it means a dull post, but life is often dull, it needs to be in order for the exciting stuff to fall between the pages (that’s my excuse anyway) 😉

more, when I have more… however until then, this is all I have!


  1. I agree, when I’m into a writing project, my blogging falls off dramatically. As soon as I finish or take a bit of a break from the project, I can take up my blogging where I left off (and often describe what I’ve been up to). But my writing ALWAYS gets priority, the blogging is for networking and promotion.

    Good post, thoughtful…

  2. I realized how I needed to cut back on what blogs I maintained, and what effort I was willing to put into projects that didn’t carry me closer to my goals. Eventually this left two ‘working’ blogs, and a personal blog that cross posts to another (which is a lazy but efficient thing to do).
    I agree that blogging can pull you away from your true ‘work’. (passion)

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