The Death of the Big Writing Announcement

The other day I did something I have never done before. I announced to the world my big writing project before I had even started it. This is rare for me as I never do this. I always start first, get momentum, then tell people about it, if it starts to take off.

I realised recently that this route is stupid (for me).

I never announce because I’m afraid of setting expectations too high, failing and then looking like an idiot. This has to stop. Therefore, I announced on a very popular forum my plan to write skate related fiction, and if anyone had done it, wants to do it, or is interested in more, to contact me.


This is my worst nightmare (exaggeration there), and a big face palm.

Really I want a show of hands and replies of eager “yes’s”. Tumbleweed is a sign of apathy. It’s also a sign of me not hitting the right people. My default approach now is to scratch this off the list, climb back into my whole and claim the idea is rubbish and move on. This not good. I have to keep going.

I don’t believe that no-one is interested. My options now are:

1. Find another busy space and repeat the message.

2. Go back and right another – more promising – message.

3. Add a response for my own announcement, so if anyone read it, was interested and didn’t comment, at least they would know that I’m still going ahead.

Really I should do all the above, and see what happens. The worst has already happened. I’m being ignored.

Apple wouldn’t quit (I’m aiming high with the inspiration and branding, can you tell?). Jobs said something like people don’t know what they want until you create it.

I need to push ahead and do the same. No-one is writing decent skateboard related fiction and I want to be that someone.



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