The best writing apps ever…


I am an app-hunting monster when it comes to finding tools for writers. I have this stupid notion in my head that the perfect app will make writing easier – and it does, if only I got down to writing more than procrastinating!

Anyway, at least I’ve wasted all the time for you finding out the best apps for writers. The list is endless if you head through the App Store, but not if you just trust me and get on with writing. This is one omission from this list, and that’s an app which isn’t available yet: Scrivener. As soon as it is, I’ll review it, because the writing world is waiting for that one!

The ‘best’ list goes to:

1: Evernote
Unlimited folders, automatic syncing, light and fast, cross platform, cheap (free), and bombproof. No matter what apps I’ve tried, nothing has lasted longer, or been more used than Evernote. If you don’t use it, you’re not a proper writer.

2: Indexcard
The best indexcard app out there. Yes there are others, but this is the one you need. It isn’t free, but who cares – it’s so cheap anyway. Unlimited cards, group and colour them. Simple and effective. If you need to plan out all your steps before you start writing, this is what you need.

3: Plotlines
Like Indexcard, if you need to plan out your fiction before you start writing and want to ‘see’ your story, you could do worse than paying for this app. It’s the only one I’ve seen aimed at writers specifically. Therefore, it’s got everything you need to map out characters, plan scenes/chapters and set a visual plot out which matches the 3 act structure.

4: Lists for Writers
The Internet is too big if you want to look something up – you’ll be lost for hours and hours and completely distracted instead of writing. Stop that by getting the Lists for Writers app and having just enough of all the good stuff in one place. Everything you need from Cities to phobias and first-names – don’t write without it.

Failed to make the list:

Phraseology: Loads of hype as being the writers writing app, but I am not using it. It sits on my iPad gathering dust – real dust, not that virtual stuff.

WriterPro: Its £14. C’mon, even with all the hype in the world it’s not going to sell. Loads of complaints after loads of hype. Not good. Sad really.

… and every other app in existence.

What do you think? Is there an amazing app for writing which I haven’t included? Actually, don’t answer there because of course there is! Instead, why don’t you tell me what you use and why it’s so good. I’d love to hear it.



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