Using Scrivener to create your Author pen name

Not sure if anyone has done this before, but I’ve discovered the Scrivener name generator is brilliant for coming up with Author pen names. Select either gender, Forename initials only, and choose 2 initials from the dropdown. Punch the Generate Names button and skim through the results. Perfect! Mark

Get inspired for your characters

Get secret(ly) inspired for your character/scenes and settings by utilising You can either download the app or just read the ‘secrets’ straight off their website. It won’ t be long before you are buzzing with another scene idea and have to rush and write it out! Hope this helps – Mark

The best writing apps ever…

I am an app-hunting monster when it comes to finding tools for writers. I have this stupid notion in my head that the perfect app will make writing easier – and it does, if only I got down to writing more than procrastinating! Anyway, at least I’ve wasted all the time for you finding out …

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Idea, tools and observations

I’m enjoying reading a good book: How not to Write a Novel I’m enjoying it because, slowly, I’m learning that the most common mistakes in newbie writers work, isn’t the sort of errors that I make. Admitedly, I’m only on Chapter 1(ish) but I see it as a good sign. I recently started to re-read …

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