The Not-Writing Group

So I’m thinking about starting another writing group, however, this one will be a not-writing group. An idea which isn’t entirely original to me as a couple of friends started up their own not-writing group and then moved to a writing-group once they were writing. The not-writing group was left behind, and I want to …

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The Anatomy of Silence of the Lambs

Shawn Coyne is a story nerd. For this reason alone you should inspect the above graphic closely, scratch your head a bit, then wander over to his website, sign up, devour everything he’s sharing, and warm up your credit card ready to buy the Story Grid book. Click here to download the full graphic of the …

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I’m a writer, this is how I write

Day one starts by… Waking up Making the breakfast Feeding hay to the guinea pigs Sitting on the sofa Grabbing the iPad and flicking through some sites Then it’s 9am and I’ve done nothing. Day two starts by… Waking up Making the breakfast Feeding some hay to the guinea pigs Remembering that I wanted to …

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The simplest way to plan a novel

This is either a stupid idea, or a good one; I’m not sure. Either way, I really wanted to ‘see’ a story on a piece of paper; in its entirety. I’m a visual learner, and I know about using post-it notes, or cue-cards to plan out a story to a three art structure, but I …

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Procrastination – stop it

Interesting reading! I know a few people (myself included) who think they are planning, when actually they are worrying. The end result is they are fearful of starting because they see nothing but hurdles. Procrastination is the word for it. This infographic gives a few tips on identifying and dealing with the ‘P’ word.