catching up where I left off

hooray another post! For someone that claims to be a writer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m actually any good at it, judging by the lack of updates on this blog. But that’s not true, I’m simply writing lots elsewhere – namely my main blog here:  What’s been happening?  Well, as stated below, …

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Novel 3: day -1

My brain is still in overload on how to write. I’m still fascinated with the art behind the process, and I’m no closer to understanding why. Today in Costa I hit upon a thought (which I’m rather proud of): To write, is to create a plot which is never spoken about. Imagine a plot line which …

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TV for people that write – worth watching. Bookmark it looks great, so grab yourself a coffee, each episode is an hour long 🙂 [Update: sadly the site isn’t being updated anymore, which sucks, but the 6 episodes are still online to enjoy.]