character profiles

Looks like a good idea for figuring out characters: .

mental preparation

I’ve decided to go for the whole novel in a month thing, starting at xmas and ploughing through january. I know it’ll be hard and I know it’ll be rubbish, but it’ll be my first draft, done and dusted and ready for a rewrite. I hope I can keep up the pace. I need to create …

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No plot, no problem

well I’m still writing. That’s a pleasant surprise. Cause I thought I’d have given up by now. I’m not writing one thing however, but everything, and I’m still enjoying sitting in cafés on saturdays and the odd weekdays with a biro and paper. I would like to say I’m writing consistently, but I’m not. I’d …

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Apparently… I’m writing.

It appears that I’m writing writing what, I don’t know yet, cause I don’t even like reading. But I’ve found myself over the course of the last few months, to be writing. And… much to my surprise, I’m writing a crime story. I don’t like crime stories, I have no interest in crime and have no …

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