My lack of writing progress

So, despite lots and lots of willing, I’m not writing. Actually I am writing, but I’m writing in pieces and not one continuous thing.

Here’s a few of my excuses:

  • I don’t have time
  • I’m knackered after work
  • I don’t have the (writing) space
  • I don’t have a good story (and out of the stories I do have, I’m not compelled to write any of them).

With those excuses out of the way, here’s what I think the real issue is:

  • I kind of want a break from writing, or at least, worrying about how/when/whether I should be writing.
  • I kind of want to play some more – experiment, dabble, and many more etc

That said…


Hoo-bleedin-ray! However, I did fail last year, despite going for it. I believe my quitting rational went like this…

‘why am I doing this again?’

‘I don’t care about quantity; I want quality, damn it!’

And lo… I quit.

Maybe, just maybe, I will do it again, and possibly finish this time. However, ‘finish’ may just equate to writing everyday, even if I don’t hit 50k.

This is the kicker: I don’t care about the 50k. I do care about writing every day. I have stopped writing so many of my projects this year because I got bored with my idea. A very common factor most writers suffer with. So, attempting nano again could be a way forward as long as I’m prepared to lose faith in my story.

Other thoughts: I am feeling knackered after work.

‘We’re all knackered after work, Mark. Get over it!’

Yes, agreed. However, my ‘work’ consists of being hunched over a computer screen all day long, so the thought of hunching over the computer screen for another couple of hours, fills me with anti-glee.

I have written e-nough! Time to check my email and do a bit of work.

with mettā – Mark

(photo by Drew Brayshaw on flickr)


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