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I read this blog post and got inspired to write. Because I was shocked to read that someone shifted their favourite reading experience from a Kindle to an iPad/iPod. However, by the end of the article I agreed with them. I too, do not care about devices. I care about reading.

I believe that physical books are an ineffective tool which compromises our reading – we only love it because nothing has been able to challenge it.

I believe physical books are here to stay, but will become a work of art and luxurious beauty for those that can afford them (price and storage costs) – just like they were for the wealthy owner of the printing presses 200 years ago.

Reading needs to reach more people in the format that they need it. This is why reading on a phone will get much much bigger in future. Why?

  • Because my phone is always with me, and I can sneak in 5 mins of reading whilst I’m on the toilet – I can’t do that with a book.
  • I can read a few pages whilst slowly spooning down my hot porridge – I can’t do that with a book, because it takes two hands to hold the damn thing open.
  • I can jump from one book to another on a device enjoying my favourite paragraphs or pages, because I love them – I can’t do that with a book because I need my library (shelves) with me, which isn’t practical.
  • I can dispose of a title quickly if I don’t like it on holiday, not suffer with it because I bought it in the airport terminal and it’s the only one I have with me.

So if you agree with me – and you’re still allowed to love books btw – you’ll share my passion for getting the written word into the hands of people that want to read them – in the format that they want them. Be that physical, digital, big or small.

I love the writing/reading revolution because it’s currently broken and must change.

I am on the cusp of that change, and I want you to join me.


About the image: 

I found this image through a Google search and landed on TheHareSketches blog – there are more great sketches, so go take a look. I loved this one because it’s a classical art (illustration) on a new version of a classical art (reading).

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  1. Glad you like my drawing – and thanks for referencing my blog! Have a new Kindle now – a Paperwhite – even better because its backlit so I can read in the dark and smaller so lighter to carry around. Still ove the feel of paperbacks when reading at home, but outide the home it has to be an ebook!

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