Joan Didion on Keeping a Notebook

Joan Didion on Keeping a Notebook | Brain Pickings.

I haven’t read this yet – I’m breaking rule #58 on content sharing: read what you share before you share it – however, I think it promotes the keeping of journals.

If so, I agree. I should be doing the same here; I am learning so much everyday at Uni.

My saviour being recording every lesson on a Dictaphone  but it’s not enough. I never rewind and re-listen.

Let’s start now:

Life Writing is good. I love Jon Ronson and Stuart, A Life Backwards – however, I haven’t written anything for today’s Life Writing session. Bad me.

The writers workshop today, included lots of talk about Punctuation, & Grammar. This, imo, was needed in year 1 and to be repeated in year 2 and 3. So many people have problems with it. As do I. Today I learned about ‘pluperfect tense’ and still (if I’m honest) don’t really know what it means.

My observation of the day is: (for Life Writing class)

  • The things we enjoyed as a child, if we were good at them, yet stop doing because of adulthood (or pressure), never go away, they niggle (fester), build and demand our attention later in life.
  • The things we avoid, is the clearest indication of what we need to face.

That is all. 🙂


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