I’m 3500 words away from #nanowrimo win!

Yes! After a messy couple of days which were completely dominated by a pet (guinea pig) being diagnosed with cancer, and having to urgently find a new (extremely secondhand) car, I have just about caught up with my word-count. I had only fallen behind by two days, but I’m well aware that two days becomes a slippery slope to 3 & 4 days, and the ‘oh, I’ll catch up at the weekend’ which inevitably fails.

So, I’m good now. I’ve got just over 3k per day left, and a little extra to write because I know Scrivener and Nanowrimo word-counts never match up accurately. My Scrivener export to Word omits the notes I make, so the difference becomes evident when I drop it in for checking.

Things I now know about my story:

  • I’ve forced my unknown ending to come together in a reasonable way.
  • I will need to change the entire centre of the book as it’s far too dull.
  • I can’t wait to plot out the story I’ve written with the one I should have written.
  • I really enjoyed the discipline of writing frequently again.
  • My protagonist is like a limp lettuce.
  • I shouldn’t write characters with Scottish accents.
  • I need to do a lot of research into relief efforts following a serious wildfire.

Looking forward to doing it all again in 2016!

Mark 😀

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