How To Self-Publish A Bestseller: Publishing 3.0




Fantastic article read this morning on Techcrunch. Here’s two sections I love from it:

Every entrepreneur should self-publish a book, because self-publishing is the new business card. If you want to stand out in a world of content, you need to underline your expertise. Publishing a book is not just putting your thoughts on a blog post. It’s an event. It shows your best curated thoughts and it shows customers, clients, investors, friends and lovers what the most important things on your mind are right now.

“When people see you have an audiobook, they see your book as even more credible. It stands out from the average self-published book when you have an e-book, a print version, and an audiobook. Plus, the audio book is more expensive, so even though there are fewer sales, it’s decent money.”

Check out the full article below:

How To Self-Publish A Bestseller: Publishing 3.0 | TechCrunch.

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