Headspace for more planning!

Just thought I’d drop a mail here and say that I have discovered a fantastic app for the iPhone that is perfect for planning out novels. The app is like a todo list in a huge 3D environment and it is quick to navigate about  and add notes and structure to guide you through the plot of your next book. Go check it out. Search for ‘Headspace’ on the appstore.


Watch Fiction Being Written Below!

(Yes, being an author is as exciting as it appears in the movies!)

Alliance of Independent Authors

1. Write with…

Scrivener is the best writing tool on the planet.

2. Edit with…

Reedsy has assembled the best editors to perfect your story.

3. Format with…

Vellum turns your manuscript into a beautiful Print or eBook file ready to distribute.

4. Cover design with…

Go On Write creates excellent book covers for Print or eBook at great prices.

5. Distribute with…

Amazon KDP allows you to easily reach the biggest book buying market.

15 yrs of time travel!