Harlequins digital royalty lawsuit – the tip of the iceberg?

Just read a great article on BookBrunch about Harlequins digital royalty lawsuit. This quote has jumped out at me:

What has become clear is that digital royalties are a fiercely contentious issue that is threatening to damage the relationships that publishers, authors and agents have spent centuries building up.

The whole article is good. In fact, I’m typing this out as I’m so inspired despite having not yet read it in full.

[be right back]

OK. I’ve finished reading it now. The conclusion is welcome. Defining what publishers need to do to fix this problem:

  • agree an industry-wide royalties standard
  • invest in tools to calculate, manage and pay royalties
  • become more transparent regarding sales data and reporting

So, a good article… go read it in full on the link


via BookBrunch – Harlequins digital royalty lawsuit – the tip of the iceberg?.

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