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Well with UK student fees about to hit the 9k per year mark, wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative for all those creative writing students out there that want to learn but can’t afford it?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve pretty much recorded every single lecture, seminar, workshop & plenary talk on the subject of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University 2011/12. And unless someone stops me, I’ll be recording every single one of them for the next 2 1/5 years of the Degree I’m taking.

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So, I’m looking for creative writing students that would like to learn from one of the most prestigious writing Universities in the country… whether your are a mature student, a prospective undergrad, a foreign national or just an interested individual. If so, let me know. I will be creating a mailing list soon… until then comment below with the email address you want me to contact you on.



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