Demystifying the creative writing process

I have changed the strap line for to ‘Demystifying the creative writing process.’

Whoa, hold up there, Mark. Don’t you need to be a skilled professional/teacher to become an authority on a craft such as this? 

No. You just need to know a little more than the person looking to learn, and if they like the sound of what you’re saying then, great. It’s not like I’m posing as a Doctor, here. I’m just harking on about Creative Writing 😀

So, Demystifying the creative writing process, is my angle for now. I like this, because it’s what fuels my reading (of CW craft books) and my motivation to document everything I’m doing. I don’t just want to write once and then not know how to do it again. I want to learn what works for me, by trial and error, then offer that to other writers in the hope they benefit too.

Am I going to add anything ground-breaking which you haven’t heard before? Probably not. But that isn’t the point.

One thing I’ve noticed about the way I learn is I rarely act upon the advice of one person, however, I do appear to absorb lots of advice from many people until eventually my behaviour changes. I’ll call it ‘consensus confirmation’.

I’ll guess that if you’re one of those people who trawl the Internet sites, Twitter, and Facebook pages for hours at a time reading the words and liking the gems posted, you’ll be affected by the consensus too.

If you’re open to change, and are looking for certain confirmations, then I believe I can be another one of those voices and help contribute to that change.



The Photo (by andresmbernal ) is foggy; geddit?



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