Can Microsoft Save The High Street Bookshop?

Picture ref: Horatio Baltz’s Moleskin

Something important has just happened.

I have commented on a former clients LinkedIn group because they have said something interesting. They have started a post, which caught my imagination, made me think, find something to say, then I felt compelled to say it.

Their idea – sparked conversation. I replied and praised them for starting that conversation – it made me care for them: even if just for that moment. Collect a lot of ‘moments’, and you create fans (of your work, your writing, your ideas, your cause).

So… today I’m stressing what I care about. So hopefully, you can start to care too.

The thing I want to mention today is about the Microsoft / Barnes & Noble partnership – which recently hit the news. I am excited about it. Because of yesterdays post about the ToppingCo talk on self publishing. I want to support bookshops – but I need them to recognise that ‘bookshopping’ has changed and so have the customers: me.

I hope Microsoft understands this and works with B&N to make the book buying experience, incredible. We, the new generation of book consumers, do not need another online book delivery service, we  need a better physical book buying experience.

If they do it right, it could save the high street bookshop – if they do it wrong, it will drive the consumer even further away.

My fingers are crossed – Mark

Horatio Baltz’s Moleskin in more detail:

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