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Bright Business Money: Put the FIZZ into your Finances

Bright Business Money: Put the FIZZ into your Finances

Bright Business Money is written for owners of small and medium sized companies, who struggle to manage their business finances, to give them the tools they need to run their businesses on a financially sound basis. So if you are an SME owner but the financial issues send you running for cover, this book is for you.


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Video Scribing: How Whiteboard Animation Will Get You Heard

Video Scribing takes you from the dank caves of prehistoric Europe to the New York Stock Exchange in search of the answer. Tap into your ancestral need to scrawl stories on the wall. Read through the ranks of governments who have turned to whiteboard video to get their message across. Learn from the science behind this unique style of communication.


The Tai Chi Way to Busines SuccessThe T’ai Chi Way to Business Success

East meets West in this fascinating and highly practical introduction to using Tai Chi principles for improving performance. The author explains the fundamental principles of Tai Chi and how they can be used at work and at home. This is an absolute must read if you have ever wondered what we in the West can learn from how they do things in the East.

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Kafka Metamorphosis

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