Books for Skaters who don’t read.

I’ve just found a great thread about books for lazy skateboarders on JenkemMag and couldn’t help to add a comment myself. I recommended FaLiL and If I Fall, If I Die but tbh, neither of them are focusing on ‘skating’ in anyway – or any of the books on the Jenkem list.

Really disappointing. All the comment feedback their points to so many skaters not reading at all; which makes me thinking that if I target skaters, then I’ll have to do something sustained, consistent(ly high quality) and be very patient in order to reap any rewards. Rewards = finding true fans, btw.

Anyways, here’s my comment from that thread below:


I think a lot of skaters would love:

– Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson (a drug-fuelled road-trip)
– Veron God Little by D.B.C Pierre (a kid trapped in shits-ville and accused of being an accessory to a school massacre)

I’m really surprised at how little books are out there which don’t have any skating in at all. Skaters have such insane missions and adventures that surely there’s a big market should anyone attempt to cater for them? I don’t get it. You can argue that publishers won’t touch ‘skate-fiction’ because the mass-market won’t understand it, but we don’t need mass-market publishers now… writers can distribute killer stories via their own skate networks.

Keep an eye on Michael Christie’s, If I Fall, If I Die – the pre-release reviews I’ve seen indicate reviewers hated all the skateboarding related stuff, which makes me think it’ll be perfect for skaters!

Anyways, I’m a writer, and I’m aiming to write ‘skate-fiction’, if anyone is interested in it, hit me up.


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