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I have known about GoOnWrite book covers for a long time, but couldn’t recollect the name until I searched (hard) for it this morning. These covers are sooo good! I want them.

In fact I love them so much, I don’t want to tell anyone about the site! I want it to be my secret.

I know that’s really bad too, so I’m forcing myself to share it here.

This is the ultimate middle ground between a shitty pre-made cover and working with a professional bookcover designer, I believe.

To me, when I think of pre-made, I don’t instantly think, ‘good’, I think, ‘compromise’. This sucks, because I also know that any bookcover designer worth their weight will customise and create a bespoke look for a customer. So why do I still think pre-made is bad?

After looking through the GoOnWrite website, I believe it’s all to do with the book designers presentation. GoOnWrite isn’t just presenting generic Thriller covers or one stock photo cover with Title text on it like so many pre-made cover design shops do.

These look deliciously stylised to me, bespoke almost, and very well thought out, that I can’t believe they are being offered as a pre-made.

The screenshot / featured image crop I’m showing here, is the style I’d love for my own series, and as a designer in my past life, I recognise that these could sit on a shelf in a book shop and no-one would realise they were a pre-made.

They are that good.

I’ve not had time to browse the whole site, but I know I’ll be purchasing my first set of covers from here when I have my 5 book series ready.

Mark 🙂