Apparently… I’m writing.

It appears that I’m writing

writing what, I don’t know yet, cause I don’t even like reading. But I’ve found myself over the course of the last few months, to be writing. And… much to my surprise, I’m writing a crime story. I don’t like crime stories, I have no interest in crime and have no experience in it either.

I do however, like watching the odd film. The Bourne series for example, Confidential, Collateral, Da Vinci Code etc. I’ve started to absorb them, more than normal. I blame a friend in film school. He’s so enthusiastic about analysing film… and I have a passion for music and tend to analyse the score. This has all happened recently. And its all too much (or not enough)… but its rubbing off on me. I’ve started to formulate plots and as I love complex scripts that wind and twist until you’ve no-idea where its going in a film, I’ve been thinking about recreating something along that line.

Well not just thinking it seems, writing too.

I guess I might have been spending too much time in coffee shops, and well, you’ve gotta do something other than drink right? My day job keeps me on the computer all day long, so I tend to write using old media, because I don’t want to face the monitor for another few hours after work. I know I will have to convert eventually… but only once I’ve got my structure sorted. Anyways…. what am I writing?

I don’t know yet. So far its a story, an expanded plot.. its crime and its fiction and its contemporary and its of reasonable intelligence I’d say. It feels very instinctive to write atm, and I’ve learned to embrace creativity in whatever media and topic, whenever that happens.

I don’t know how long this will last, I don’t know if I’ll get bored of it, or if it’ll go nowhere because I don’t have the time and energy to see it through, or even if the idea is strong enough…. and maybe my idea has been done a thousand times before! How the hell would I know if my plot is original?? I guess I won’t until the day it lands on a publishers desk.

Anyway… I’m way ahead of my self here. Its just an idea right now, and I’m shaping it into something.

Btw – I’ve never written anything more than a blog post before, hence the self doubt about how far I can go with this. One thing I do know tho, is that I need to meet and talk with people that ‘know’… therefore I’m blogging these thoughts for the entirety of their existence. Who knows where this will end up, and if one day it becomes something (even if just self published) i know I’ll be pleased that I documented everything right from day 1.



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