alive and in Dublin

I’m currently sat in a coffee shop in Dublin City, home of some incredible literary history, and I’m developing a few thoughts about connecting writers. I considered a while back of creating a home for people that I meet and know to share information about their passion and enable us to communicate together with our unpublished works whilst writing, thinking about writing or seeking publishing deals. I wanted the name to be bookpunk but that is taken on the spaces I want to use, so I’m thinking I might go with punkwriter instead.


Well I don’t feel like I fit into the writers scene. I’m unskilled, uneducated, and unconnected in the publishing world. I’m a newbie that is operating on enthusiasm alone, I have no desire to published (the book equivilent of a rock star) and I’m passionate about learning about writing and talking to other people who love to write.

Why PunkWriter?

Because I like the Punk ethos. Disregard the rules, upset the establishment and follow your heart. I like going against the grain, and standing out on my own, even if I don’t seem to benefit from those decisions.

PunkWriter is for friends that I know and meet. Feel the same way that I do and want to reach out to similar others and feel part of something.

What is Punk for Writers? Punk is to live a life of excess and adrenilen, to consider themselves not a writer, and to create a space for anti-establishment attitudes, either directly or indirectly. PunkWriters will be in their late 30s, grown up in the 80s and have followed an extreme lifestyle of hobbies, from Skateboarding, BMX, Inlining, Moto-x, wakeboarding, lomographic photography, graffiti, hiphop, and breakdancing.

hmmm… I’m liking the idea of this. more and more 🙂

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