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Time for a writing update! The good news and bad news.

I’ve got the first story written, however, I’m not happy with it. I had committed to writing every day since the start of January to get this first story complete and finished the Short about a week ago. Since then, I’ve left it, returned, read it and started editing.

This is where my problems started.

I instantly realised that my antagonist was weak, in fact, the whole story sort of bumbles along in a mediocre way. This was part intentional as I didn’t want a story with death and guns etc., I wanted one with realism and depth.

As I started editing to fix these massive plot holes I went down the wrong ‘writer’s path’ with my goal. A reminder of goal, please?

“To get a story complete and published.”

Notice it doesn’t say, a great story, or a shining example of literary excellence, or the best example of my writing, ever.

So, I began editing away, structural editing, and then hit a slump. My motivation disappeared with the realisation of how much work needed to be done.

This is not the way I want to write. I want to write quickly at a lower standard than 110% and get things published. I want to grow as a writer, as I publish, not wait until perfection.

Therefore, once I reminded myself of my goal (see above, again), I have managed to move forward quickly. My edits are now line-edits, not structural ones. I’m about 5k words into the edit and two new sections of my story have been added. I’m also really confident that I’ll get the entire second draft complete by the end of February.

Only then, will people get a chance to read it (my writing group).

Out. For now.

Mark 🙂

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